About Jim

Written by Jim Carver   

drumcrop Jim Carver is an author, drummer, and blogger, who has a passion for assisting and inspiring individuals towards success. He has finished his first book entitled; The Legacy of David A. Wells - The Lexington Senior High School Band of Gold. Jim is currently working on a second book detailing the entire history of The Lexington Band of Gold. A book covering the Cleveland, Ohio music scene is planned. 

Mr. Carver is a follower of Seth Godin and Dave Ramsey in regards to principles of marketing and financial success. Jim's motto is "Something Meaningful, that Matters" and is inspired to lead others past barriers to a realization of  anything can be accomplished with the proper attitude, desire, and plan.

For those who wish to do more than dream and are willing to "think outside the box"; Jim will help you improve your own path to success in life!